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About Glittered Up Entertainment LLC

Glittered Up Entertainment LLC? a motivational entertainment business. Its purpose is to inspire, through the arts by letting everyone know, "Your dreams CAN come true." The goal is simple, To Sparkle n' SHINE in life. 

As a child I had a challenging childhood. My mother was a teenaged mom, and my father struggled with addiction up until he overdosed. BUT, I didn't let my circumstances stop my SHINE. Instead, I used the negative as fuel to propel me forward. And I'm ... Read more

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My fans, favs, followers and subscribers are affectionately called the "Glittered Jewels."

My Glittered Jewels love me because of my glittery, positive, happy go lucky spirit. I've been blessed with the ability to help people obtain personal growth and a more positive outlook on life.

To help me spread glitter, join the Glittered Jewels as a part of my "LOYALTY CREW!!!" by not just subscribing but by also showing up time and time again to ... Read more

My Packages

Depending on what you're aiming for, I offer a range of different packages that are designed to accommodate your best SHINE. Feel free to get in touch to inquire about any special deals or offers I may have. 

Examples: A script and 5 drama classes bundled. 


One demo class paired with 10 drama classes. 

Areas Covered

Tri-State Area & Abroad

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